Monday, 10 December 2012

Winter is here

Brrr, is all I can say.  We all got up this morning and shivered our timbers as the snow was falling.  Luckily my mum found my warm snuggly coat and we all set off down the lane

Chloe and I had great fun as we don't go across these fields very often and there were lots of interesting sniffs.

I don't know why mum doesn't like the snow, we both it was great fun.  She kept whinging that her back hurt  but really I think she is just getting old.

Dad seems to be away a long time and every now and again I am sure I can hear his voice and I prick my ears up and look everywhere but I can't find him.  Mum just laughs and says he is on the black box she keeps talking into but I can't seem him.

Hey ho, guess I need to snuggle back onto the sofa for another 5 hour kip before we go out again.

Talk to you all soon.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

It's Been a Funny Week

It's been a funny week.  Tuesday was a very bad day for my bestest chum Freddie.  He had a very bad epileptic fit and my friend Huggy had to come round and give him lots of medication.  She kept saying it didn't look good, but after Freddie had been asleep for hours, she came back and said that he was out of the fit and fingers crossed he would be OK.

I had kept telling my mum on Monday night that something was very wrong but she didn't listen to me.  One day she will believe me.  Anyway, on Wednesday Huggy rang mum again and said that Chloe was positive.  I know she is a pretty upbeat sort of girl, but honestly I thought she had been a bit out of sorts for the last few weeks.  Still, mum went off to collect some drops and squirted them in Chloe's mouth and said that they should make her feel better in a few days.  Don't understand what hypothyroidism is but apparently that is what Chloe is positive for.

I am sad today because that nice couple who kidnapped my bestest chum for a few weeks came back today and did it again.  Now I am all alone and not happy.  It's not the same without the president of the Naughty Boys Club, still mum said we could go play in a little while, so hopefully I shall see him again soon.

It is going to seem very strange next week because Dad said he was going away on Wednesday and wasn't going to be back for many weeks.  It is going to be very quiet around here with just mum and Chloe.

Friday, 9 November 2012

My Chum Comes to Stay

Oh, such excitement.  On Wednesday my chum Freddie came back to stay for 10 days holiday.  We have had such fun recreating the naughty boys club.

Here we all are trying to be good.

My mum says that Freddie looks wonderful and very handsome now.  He certainly has changed.  He doesn't have those funny marks on his head and legs now.  My mum says that was where he was injured before he came to live with us.  She was so pleased with his progress she took a photograph just of him.  Not sure I approve of not being in the picture but what do you think of him now.

Of course, I am now insisting that mum posts a picture of how handsome I look now as well.  She said something to dad this morning about me being 9.5 and wasn't that a miracle.

Well, must dash, I need to go and have a sleep on my sofa now.  Speak to you all soon

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bath Time

I had to chuckle at my little sister today - my mum decided to bath her and now she has turned into a powder puff.

We have had a friend visiting for the last couple of days which is nice because we all miss our mate Freddie who now lives in Septfonds.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Well, I know I have been silent for a long time, but I have been enjoying life to the full.

My sister and I have been entertaining a friend here for the past few weeks.  A passing stray border collie, who my mum named Freddie.

Freddie went on an outing today and was a gone a long time, my mum came back smelling of horses and Freddie of a CAT.  It seems these people have taken a fancy to our friend and he is going to go and live with them.

We shall all miss him but my mum struggles with three of us, so probably it is for the best.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Still Doing Well

Well we have gone from lovely hot sunshine to cool and rainy but the boy is still doing well. In fact, he is still improving. So still not saying anything, but my fingers are so crossed it hurts.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Back in France

We made it back to France later on last night - well - 8.40pm to be precise having left England at 07.30am and we all fell out of the car glad to be here. Good news is that so far, Barty's back is doing well. The two new remedies that were prescribed for him seem to be working and we are trying a water treadmill. The first one went well, although he was a little tweaky after it so we will take the next few a little more slowly.

I have been cautiously optimistic in the past and it has come to nothing so this time I'm not going to say anything but fingers crossed xxxxxx